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Genetics has been revolutionizing health sciences for the last 50 years, and it is here to stay.
As a result, wellbeing management is going to change radically, and the consumer genetic testing market will keep growing.
Do you want to be part of this revolution?

Who we are and what do we do?

We are a European Biotechnology company, member of a prestigious international scientific team, operating in 95 countries.
Our DNA tests are certified by NCBI (The National Center for Biotechnology Information), the international organization of reference for genetic research.
We offer the greatest variety of tests, considered to be the most complete on the market.

Why be a Business Partner?

We call our partners Business Partners.
Whether you have a health products or services store, a consultation, a clinic, a beauty center, a gym or a themed website, we have a business formula for you.
We enable you to provide key genetic information to your clients for their awareness and personal health care.
And we guarantee a healthy and uncomplicated business.

Why 24Genetics?

The most complete genetic test in the market

The most complete genetic test in the market

Our Ancestors test will show you your DNA % in more than 1000 geographies, versus other Ancestors test available that can´t show you more than 50 geographies or regions. Our Health test analyzes several hundred diseases, versus less than 100 from the US leader. Compare our tests and you will see why they are the most complete.

One test only. Seven reports.

One test only. Seven reports.

We are the DNA company selling to consumers with the largest portfolio of products in the world. With a single kit, you have it all. You may order your pack today with the 7 reports. Or you may buy a single report (for example, Ancestors) and, later on, whenever you desire, you may ask us for any of the rest of the reports without you needing to take and send us the test again.

We do not sell your DNA data.

We do not sell your genetic data

Most of the big companies in this industry get a big part of their profit selling the genetic data of their customers. Many sell a test at a low price with little profit and then sell the DNA to increase their business. This is a common practice, especially in non-European companies. Don´t kid yourself with low prices, please be aware of what’s behind. We encourage you to do the research.

The best technology.

The best technology. Illumina and only Illumina.

Cheaper and lower quality are available. Our genetic test is made 100% with Illumina technology (world leader in genetic sequencing) and in a European laboratory to guarantee the highest quality.

Maximum security

Maximum security

We are aware of the importance of your genetic data and we don’t risk it when it comes to protect them. We don’t want to have your information potentially exposed, and that’s why we work with the highest levels of security and the best technology providers.

Privacy and more privacy.

Privacy and more privacy

We take your privacy to the extreme. We go far beyond what the European laws require from us. Since the moment you take the test, your sample becomes an anonymous code, and not even your report will include your full name.



Our reports are now available in 5 languages and soon in more than 10. Our website may be read in 30 languages. We have capabilities and coverage to provide our service throughout the planet with maximum agility.

Industry leading European company.

Industry leading European company

With sales in more than 95 countries and a network of distributors worldwide, we are the fastest growing company in the industry. The quality of our tests has led us to be one of the most prestigious genetic testing companies.


Our product range








Some examples of our reports

24G Business Partners:
The most comprehensive channel program in the market

Online training


Excellence in customer service may only be achieved by starting from the highest quality training. Whether you don’t know much about genetics, or in case you want to expand your knowledge from a practical and customer centric viewpoint, you have a training plan designed for you in our on-line learning platform.

Comarketing material


We want to help you communicate and sell. According to your partnership level, you will have access to relevant and high quality marketing materials. For highest partnership levels you may access personalized materials with your logo and contact details, so that you can promote your sales with the right communication support.

Drop shipping


For some types of Partners, we offer the Drop Shipping service: they offer the product and associated services and we do the entire process for their client and deliver the result. Turnkey service!



Do you need a white label product? This is your solution. From full customization and brand building to small adaptations. We already operate as white label product for important tests in the market. We do a part or the whole process for you. You decide.



Our data system is prepared for whatever it takes. Whether you desire to process the genetic maps that you already have from your clients, or if you want the results of our tests, we can send them to you electronically, so you can integrate them with your APP, via API.

Easy and simple


We make it easy for you to work with us. Processes are clearly explained and simple. We want you to be able to focus on your business and make your life easy. Our logistics are efficient and fast, and our delivering service team will help you managing your operations.

How to become a Business Partner



Types of partnership programs

No matter what type of business you have. We have a solution for you.

Affiliate: if you have a blog, a social networks, a thematic website, or you belong to a business group and you want to do business with us, this is your formula. Thanks to the 24Genetics Affiliate Programs, you can recommend DNA analysis reports to your clients avoiding all logistical and financial efforts.

Reseller: if you want to distribute our products, either through a website, a consultation office or a retailer, this is your formula. You can buy our tests at a special price and offer them to your customers.

Premium Reseller: If you can sell more than 100 tests a year, you can access this category and get better margins and superior marketing support.

Wholesaler: if your business is focused on selling to other companies, like pharmacies, clinics, etc… you may want to become our authorized wholesaler.

OEM (White Label): if you want to sell genetic tests under your own brand, this is your program. From the report or the box personalization, to logistics management around the world, you decide how you want to split the tasks with us, and we can get going!

Annual volumesNo Minimum10-100 test/year > 100 test/year> 500 test/year> 1000/year
MarginsUp to 10%Up to 44%Up to 49%Up to 55%Ask us
Minimum initial order02.000 €5.000 €10.000 €Ask us
Online Basic Training
Advanced Training and Certifications
Digital Marketing MaterialsPersonalizedPersonalized
Printed Marketing MaterialsBasicPremiumPremium
Personal counseling
Pesonalized Product

How to become a Business Partner

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