Nutrigenetics + Your Business

If you are in the nutrition business, it is important to take genetic predispositions into account when prescribing a nutritional program to your patients and clients. And, now, it is also easy.

Our nutrigenetic test analyzes more than 700,000 DNA markers. It provides personalized and highly detailed information about your genetic dispositions to different foods, nutrients, metabolic markers, diets and more.

How will it help my clients?

With your clients’ detailed genetic profile and insights in hand, you will be even more equipped to design a personalized plan to help them make smarter decisions and reach their goals.

In addition, our app will help you manage your patients’ and clients’ nutritional programs and track their progress.

Why join our Partner Program?

Increase your revenue, bring greater value to your business and radically differentiate yourself from your competitors.

In addition, you will have:

  • Training: Learn all about the tests and how to sell them.
  • Resources: Professional marketing materials.
  • Profitability: A healthy business with margins of up to 40%.
    No risk: Start with no minimum investment.

Types of partnership programs

No matter what type of business you have. We have a solution for you.

Affiliate: if you have a blog, a social networks, a thematic website, or you belong to a business group and you want to do business with us, this is your formula. Thanks to the 24Genetics Affiliate Programs, you can recommend DNA analysis reports to your clients avoiding all logistical and financial efforts.

Reseller: if you want to distribute our products, either through a website, a consultation office or a retailer, this is your formula. You can buy our tests at a special price and offer them to your customers.

Premium Reseller: If you can sell more than 100 tests a year, you can access this category and get better margins and superior marketing support.

Wholesaler: if your business is focused on selling to other companies, like pharmacies, clinics, etc… you may want to become our authorized wholesaler.

OEM (White Label): if you want to sell genetic tests under your own brand, this is your program. From the report or the box personalization, to logistics management around the world, you decide how you want to split the tasks with us, and we can get going!

Ready to increase your revenue, add value to your business and radically differentiate yourself from your competitors?

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